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Selected Presentations and Publications

  • Vázquez, L.A.  (2009, December).  Dropping out of Education in the Land of Enchantment: The Complexity of New Mexico.  5th Annual Family Impact Seminar: Departments of Family Consumer Science and Environmental Sciences, presentation to the State Legislators, Albuquerque, NM.
  • Vázquez, L. A.  (2008, June).  Cultural Competence in Teaching, U.S. Senate Briefing.  Excellence in Education Alliance and National Association Latino Elected Officials (NALEO), Washington D.C.
  • Vázquez, L. A.  (2007, March).  Multicultural competency and working with issues of diversity on a university campus:  Best practices.  Consultation/workshop at Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.
  • Vázquez, L. A.  (2006, February).  The individual developmental model of supervision:  The integration of multicultural issues in supervision.  Invited consultation/workshop conducted at Harvard University, Cambridge Health Alliance, Cambridge, MA.
  • Vázquez, L. A.  (2006, November).  Latino psychology:  From history to Practice.  Invited presentation/workshop conducted at Notre Dame University, Psychology Department, Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana.
  • Vázquez, L. A.  (2005, March).  Multiculturalism and diversity development on a university campus:  Impact on the campus climate.  Invited consultation/workshop conducted at Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois.
  • Vázquez, L. A.  (2005, October).  Childhood trauma and natural disasters:  A minority Congressional briefing in Washington, D.C.  Invited presentation to address the minority congressional senators and representatives in behalf of the American Psychological Association in working with Health Disparities and Minorities.
  • Gardner, D. L., Huber, C. H., Steiner, R., Vázquez, L. A., & Savage, T. A.  (2008). Inventory of family protective factors:  A brief assessment for family counseling.  The Family Journal Counseling & Therapy for Couples and Families.
  • Levine, E. S., & Vázquez, L. A.(2005).  Training in   psychopharmacology in New Mexico:  The Southwestern Institute for the Advancement of Psychotherapy/New Mexico State University collaborative.  The Register Report (National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology), 31, 22-23
  • Vázquez, L. A.  (2005). Did you know? Latino psychology brief history.  The California Psychologist, 38(6),13-14.
  • Vázquez, L. A.  (2005).  A brief history of early Latino/a psychology.  New Mexico Review, 13(3), 16-19.
  • Vázquez, L. A.  (2004).  Lost in translation.  The California Psychologist., 37(6), 13-15.
  • Adams, E.M., Waldo, M., Vázquez, L.A., Ackerlind, S., Mayfield, R., & Stolzfus, S.  (2000).  Empowering teachers to confront prejudice in borderland schools.  BorderWalking Journal, 1-22.
  • García-Vázquez, E., Vázquez, L. A., Ling, N. D., & Adams, E. M.  (1999). The impact of skin color on perceived discrimination among bi-ethnic/latino adolescents.  The Borderwalking Journal, 44-52.
  • Vázquez, L. A., Arizaga, M., Bauman, S., Castellanos, L. P., & Waldo, M.  (1998).  Multicultural communication groups for educators.  The Borderwalking Journal, 19-23.
  • Vázquez, L. A., García-Vázquez, E., Sanchez, P., & Sierra, A. S.  (1998). Acculturative stress in university students:  The impact of ethnic loyalty and skin color.  The Borderwalking Journal, 37-46.
  • Vázquez, L. A. & García-Vázquez, E.  (1998). The impact of a differential social power system on Latino's attitudes toward the high school and the community college experience.  Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 22(5), 1-10.
  • García-Vázquez, E., Vázquez, L. A., & Huang, C.,  (1998).  Psychological factors and language:  Impact on Mexican-American students.  College Student Journal,  32(1) 6-18.
  • Vázquez, L. A., García-Vázquez, E., Bauman, S. A., & Sierra, A. S.  (1997). Skin color, acculturation and community interest among Mexican American students: A research note.  Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Science, 19(3), 377-386.
  • García-Vázquez, E., Vázquez, L. A., & López, I. C.  (1997).  Language proficiency and academic success:  Relationship between proficiency in two languages and achievement among Mexican-American students.  Bilingual Research Journal, 21(4), 334-347.
  • Vázquez, L. A. & García-Vázquez, E.  (1995).  Variables of success and stress with Mexican American students.  College Student Journal, 29(2), 221-226.
  • Vázquez, L. A.  (1995).  What works:  A thorough review of early childhood prevention programs in reading.  [Review of Preventing early school failure:  research, policy, and practice].  Contemporary Psychology, 40(2), 113-115.
  • García-Vázquez, E., & Vázquez, L. A. (1994).  In a pen pals program:  Latinos/as supporting Latinos/as.  Journal of Reading, 38(3), 172-178.
  • García-Vázquez, E., Ehly, S. W., & Vázquez, L. A. (1993).  Examination of tutor and tutee interactions and attitudes:  What happens during peer tutoring.  Special Services in the Schools, 7(2), 1-20.
  • Vázquez, L.A., Marin, M., & García-Vázquez, E.  (2009). Advances in multicultural assessment and counseling with culturally-diverse older  adults.  In J. G. Ponterotto,  J. M. Casas, L. A. Suzuki, & C. M. Alexander, Handbook of multicultural counseling (3rd.). California: Sage Publications.
  • Vázquez, L. A., & García-Vázquez, E.   (2003). Teaching multicultural competence in counseling curriculum.  In D. B. Pope-Davis, H. L. K. Coleman, W. M. Liu,, & R. L. Toporek, Handbook of Multicultural Competencies.  California: Sage Publications.
  • Vázquez, L. A., & García-Vázquez, E.   (2001). The impact of phenotype on gender and class for Hispanic Americans:  Implications for counseling.  In D. B. Pope-Davis & H. L. K. Coleman, The intersection of race, gender, and class:  Implications for counselor training.  California:  Sage Publications.
  • Arredondo, P., & Vázquez, L.  (2000). Empowerment strategies from Latino/a perspectives.  In J. Lewis & L. Bradley, Advocacy in counseling counselors, clients & community.  NC:  Caps Publications.
  • Vázquez, L. A.  (1997). A systemic multicultural curriculum model:  The pedagogical process.  In D. B. Pope-Davis & H. L. K. Coleman, Multicultural counseling competencies:  Assessment, education and training, and supervision. California:  Sage Publications. 

Creative Works

  • Vázquez, L. A., Levant, R., Liu, W., McDonald, & D., Parham, B.  (2005).  The Psychology of Men and Masculinity from Multicultural Perspective.  Counselor Training Video. Microtraining Associates and Company. North Amherst: MA
  • Vázquez, L. A. & Ivey, A. (2004).  Mi Cuento, My Life. Counselor Training Video. Microtraining Associates and Company. North Amherst: MA
  • Vázquez, E. G., Vázquez, L. A., & Ivey, M. B. (2004).  Counseling Latino/Latina adolescents and children:  Brief Interventions. Counselor TrainingVideo.  Microtraining Associates and Company. North Amherst: MA
  • Vázquez, L. A., & Santiago-Rivera, A.  (1999).  Culturally competent counseling & therapy part III:  Innovative approaches to counseling Latino/a people.  Counselor Training Video.  Microtraining Associates and Company.  North Amherst: MA
  • Sue, D. W., Pope-Davis, D., Vázquez, L. A., & Stone, G. L.  (1994).  Multiculturalism: Issues in counseling and education.  Instructional Video.Microtraining Associates and Company.  North Amherst: MA
  • Pope-Davis, D., Vázquez, L. A., Reynolds, A. L., & Prieto, L.  R.  (1994).  Multicultural counseling:  Issues of ethnic diversity.  Counselor Training Video.  Microtraining Associates and Company.  North Amherst: MA
  • Vázquez, L. A. (Director) & Lehman, M. R. (Producer)  (1994).  Journeys of diversity:  The total human experience.  CD Rom Interactive Instructional Program. The University of Iowa.
  • Pope-Davis, D., Reynolds, A. L., & Vázquez, L. A. (1992).  Multicultural counseling:  Issues of ethnic diversity.  Counselor Training Video.  Microtraining Associates and Company.  North Amherst: MA

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